Weekend Reading

Here is your weekly list of good reads. Once again, this list is also posted on iron prescription. Make sure to check these out, and enjoy your weekend.
http://startingstrength.com/site/article/is_physical_therapy_fraud#.VkJ8ZFvPYd4– Mark Rippetoe sure knows how to get people riled up, and this article does not disappoint in that regard. Rip states that the major flaw with physical therapy is that PT’s rehab the injured area in a way that it does not originally function. It is a fascinating read, and certainly should not be missed. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and have a seat.
http://70sbig.com/?p=884?p=884– This is the first of a two part series on lifting belts over at 70’s big. This write up mostly delves into the physiological effects of wearing a belt, and leaves more of the practical application to the next post.
http://70sbig.com/?p=891?p=891– This is the second part of the series on why you should be belting up. This post breaks down why you should wear a belt, what belt to use, and the importance of wearing a belt if you have lower back issues. Many people are misunderstood as to how belts work and whether or not they should be wearing one, so hopefully these two articles help to clear up any misconceptions.
http://70sbig.com/blog/2012/07/belts-redux/– The last two articles were about belts, and this third one is a compilation of the information already stated in an easy to read format. For the sake of thoroughness you may want to read this as well.

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