Weekend Reading

I’m trying to get back to posting a weekly lists of good reading to get through while you hopefully have some down time on the weekend. This week’s list is pretty short, but still good.

1)http://www.catalystathletics.com/article/1930/Your-Rest-Day-Dont-Waste-It/ This is a great article over on Catalyst Athletic’s site about how to not waste your precious rest days. This is very applicable to the weekend, so read up.

2)http://www.ironprescription.com/blog-hayden/2015/10/13/crunched-for-time-what-advanced-athletes-should-do Iron Prescription is co owned and run by a good friend of mine and also my coach. They offer articles on training, programming, and even sell some pretty awesome merchandise. Their message is all about hard work and not wasting any time, and is something many of you can relate to. Definitely bookmark this site in your browser. They will continue to offer great content, and yours truly has been helping with the editing of the more recent articles. The link here is for an article about what advance trainees should focus on when they have limited time to train in the gym. Check it out.

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