Weekend Reading

Here is your weekly list of good reads.

1)http://bretcontreras.com/eight-considerations-for-weight-room-training/ -This is a guest article written by Rob Panariello on Bret Contreras’ website. It highlights eight important considerations for training people in the weight room.

2)https://www.t-nation.com/training/lifters-shoulder-the-cause-the-cure -A good article written on how to assess your own shoulder mechanics, as well as fix shoulder pain. Shoulder pain is quite prevalent in the training world, so hopefully some of you find this helpful.

3)http://www.ericcressey.com/5-ways-to-differentiate-yourself-as-a-personal-trainer -This is a post written on how to differentiate yourself as a personal trainer in quite a competitive market. For those of you who want to be or are personal trainers already, I’m sure this will be of interest. For those of you who are already personal trainers, let me know what you think are important qualities that allow you to stand out amongst your competitors.

4)http://70sbig.com/blog/2012/07/transitioning-to-olympic-weightlifting/ -This is a great post on 70’s Big about transitioning into olympic weightlifting. I plan on starting to learn the olympic lifts over the summer, and have bookmarked this as a future reference. It was Warrior Strength and Conditioning that turned me on to this article after telling him of my interest in learning the olympic lifts. Make sure to check out his blog at http://warriorstrengthandconditioning.com.

I hope you enjoy these. Let me know in the comments below what your reactions are. Also, as always, feel free to give any feedback on the site or suggest topics you would like hear about. I’m currently working on an article on why crossfit is so popular, after a suggestion from Irrational Living.

Enjoy your weekend.

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